Accepting Yourself.  


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October 9, 2017 11:22 am  

Some people change their behaviour to suit their surroundings and company; they are chameleon-like and tailor themselves to be acceptable to their peers. They present their inauthentic self.

People alter themselves from their authentic selves by a need not to be rejected or judged unfavourably. They morph into someone different because their insecurities tell their minds, sometimes relentlessly, that they aren’t good enough as they are.

However, acting against to your innate personality has the opposite effect because it makes it more likely that you’ll be judged or rejected. As you pretend and hope to kid people, they sense that their version of the “real” you are insincere, inconsistent and that they don’t know you.
People instinctively know when something is not quite right, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. From this discomfort comes avoidance and dislike. Ouch.

Note to self:
You are unique, and you are great, you are good enough. As acting is exhausting so give yourself a break and accept you, it’s not easy, but it offers freedom.
Look deep inside you and recognise the situations and people that make you, the real you, disappear and your actor takes to the stage and by being more self aware of your actions, behaviour and emotions you’ll meet yourself, and a lot of us don’t know who we are because we are too busy worrying, so when you do meet yourself chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Make friends with yourself. You’re lovely, and you don’t need to be perfect, no one else is.

Using the array of social networking sites to connect with people around the world is a hugely popular method of interaction, however, as it is not true interaction you can feel lonely and isolated. After all, it’s you and a screen wherever you are; it’s not as though the other participant is sitting on your sofa with a cup of tea.

Did you know that year on year a higher percentage of people are seeking therapy and counselling for social media related issues, like being unfollowed or defriended or if they were made fun of about their weight or appearance in an image they placed on their page?

You might think that could never be you but just ask yourself if you measure your popularity, self-worth and acceptability to others through social media.
Social media is a great concept, but it has a downside.
People’s confidence, happiness and mental wellbeing can be decimated via this medium.
So, this could be you.

If you think that this is already you, then please contact us, attend our support group or join our closed Facebook community. You don’t need to be alone with negativity.
We don’t have waiting lists or time limits, and you don’t need to be referred to connect with us, we’re friendly, encouraging people who are walking the same path towards mental health. You’ll grow stronger with us, and we think you’re great already. What have you got to lose?