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To a lot of people hypnosis appears to be a suspect mind control mechanism that could make you do something embarrassing or compromising but self-hypnosis offers excellent benefits, it relaxes you wonderfully, and it is 100% safe. You won’t end up clucking like a chicken; life isn’t a T.V. entertainment show.

FACT: Under hypnosis, you will never do anything that your brain knows is against your natural consent and will, you retain control at all times and are never left vulnerable.

There are obviously trained hypnotists and therapists who can treat you but if like the majority of people you aren’t mega-rich and able to pay private fees or sit on a long waiting list then self-hypnosis is a natural and safe way to feel calm, help overcome fears and anxieties, improve self-confidence and low self-esteem.

FACT: All kinds of hypnosis are essentially self-hypnosis because you have to submit to it, according to your will, whether or not there is a practitioner with you.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of mind, also called the theta brainwave state, and tests have shown that brainwaves alter under hypnosis in the same way as they do when we are lightly sleeping or daydreaming. The activity on the left-hand side of the brain lessens, but on the right side, it increases. This leaves your subconscious mind open to imagination and suggestions – but never against your will.

FACT: We go into trances naturally several times every day.
Remember times when you’ve stared into a fire or gased out the window apparently lost in thought, wholly relaxed and not particularly paying attention to anything around you? When you’re reading an “unputdownable” book and you were absorbed? That’s self-hypnosis too, you are focused, in control and relaxed.

Audio self-hypnosis is proven to be excellent for treating emotional, mental and physical issues including stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and self-esteem.

Audio self-hypnosis utilises your self-conscious mind to strengthen the areas that you feel are placing you at a disadvantage in life. For example, if you are terrified of addressing a group of people in a meeting then there are tailored audio programmes to lessen fear’s impact and to remove the core negativity. Pre-recorded self-hypnosis audios act like reprogramming and regularly feature affirmations, guided imagery and scenarios and neuro-linguistic programming to alter thought patterns, and remember, you are in 100% control throughout. It’s not brainwashing.

Always use self-hypnosis audios from accredited providers. Sadly, there are numerous ones online that were not prepared by professionals, and although they probably won’t do any harm, they won’t help you hugely either. Someone could just be trying to make money from preying on your health issue. (Throw them off a cliff perhaps?)

We recommend that you talk to us at Anxious Minds or use, view legitimate directories or a recommendation from a trained hypnotherapist so that you’re investing in a product that will work.